Config can able to register and retrieves the entire merge configuration.

Config Files

JiNexus Framework config files are just simple arrays:

    return [
        'key_1' => 'value',
        'key_2' => 'value',

The configuration of the JiNexus Framework core is done in the config/application.config.php file.

Environment Config

These are the list of different config files in the framework

  • config/application.config.php - Config file for the entire Application
  • config/modules.config.php - Config file for the list of enabled modules for this application
  • module/{Module}/config/modules.config.php - Config file for a certain module

Available Config Methods

These are the list of available config methods that can be use in the Controller.

Method Description
getConfig() Get the entire available config
setConfig() Set an entire new config
get() Get a config by key or needle and return its value or null if there is no element set
set() Set a value in the config provided by its key or needle
has() Check if needle exist in the config, return true if found and false if not